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Update on Builder Progress

I am certain everyone has seen the trees that were cut down by Nelson Tree Service. Nelson Tree
Service is contracted by AEP to keep their easements clear of objects that can cause power
outages. The Federal Government mandates that all easements be clear after the Black Out that
occurred in 2002 on the east coast of the US. They clear cut everything that is in the easement.
They will be returning to stump grind the remains after OPPS marks for underground utilities. In
certain areas, our landscape team will be looking at types of ground cover that can be used to
improve some of the areas.
The builder has had problems with their contractors showing up to do the work on the day
scheduled. This has set back the progress we have expected to happen over the past couple of
months. As of today, they are back on schedule with new contractors that will be getting our
community looking like we expect. They started leveling the top of the hill to make it an area
that will have mowable grass for everyone to enjoy. They are back working on the walking paths
and extra parking. There are still lots of work that needs to be done, so please be patient as we
work with them to make our community beautiful. Because of the terrain, this is a difficult
challenge, but we will get there. Final paving will not be completed until all heavy equipment
has been removed from the site.
We did have the weeds cleared on the hill, although there is still a few places that need cut.
Proscape (our landscape vendor) is doing the work. They have started spraying the weeds and
still have more to do. Once completed, we believe the prairie grass that was planted will grow
again making the hillside look better.

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