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Message from the Board

At the May Board meeting, Tom Chiatalis, board president, resigned from the board.  A new president, Carl Gillogly, was elected by the board. The open position for the board had two applicants. Both were well qualified to help the board accomplish its mission. The board elected Bruce Bibler to the board to fill the open position. The current Board and officers are:

Carl Gillogly, President; Sarah Seilheimer, Secretary; Ray Peoples, Treasurer; Daniel Mann; Maria Quintiliani; Bruce Bibler

Shortly after the May Board meeting, board members met with the builder’s representatives about the transition of our community. They walked through the community to talk about what needs to be accomplished before the property is turned over to our association by the builder. Many problems were discussed and the builder has been very receptive to what needs to be completed. Hopefully all residents have noticed the recent activity that has occurred.

Listed below are some of the major areas that will be completed.

·        Lower pond has been graded and seeded. Fountain to be installed soon.
·        Additional parking at the clubhouse and along Birkland Circle has been marked and will be added when all paving is completed.
·        Additional planting of landscape trees and shrubs has been completed.
·        Grading for walking paths has started.
·        The retention pond at the top of the property near I-70 will be landscaped and concrete and trash will be removed.
·        Hillside on the north property line has been partially sculptured and grass is now growing.
·        Builder is inspecting all buildings for cracks in the siding and making repairs. Painting will happen after siding has been completed.
·        Curbs that have been damaged will be replaced.
·        More black fencing will be installed for safety on the swale behind buildings 9 and 10.
·        Drainage at entrance will be reworked as well as in front of the clubhouse.
·        Once all heavy equipment has been removed from the site, grinding and repaving will be done in various roadway areas.

The Board decided to install a new locking system for the clubhouse and pool. This new system uses high security keys that cannot be copied. New high security keys will be distributed to residents to replace current keys. Additionally, motion-activated cameras have been installed around the pool and clubhouse to record activities. Our Property and Landscape team is working with the builder to provide us with a beautiful community.

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