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We have received a question from one of the dog owners in our community about the chemicals being sprayed on the lawns by our landscape company. As responsible Board Members, we would like to address that so all owners of dogs in our community know what the correct answer is when dealing with the lawns being fertilized. The Property and Landscape Team reviewed and interviewed about 6 different bids from companies that wanted to take care of our property. Even though organic material is slightly more expensive that regular materials, Proscape was awarded the contract as they use organic materials on the lawns. They stated that using organic materials is safe for dogs. We contacted Proscape for an explanation of what is being used. We are providing their answer so all dog owners will know.

“Our fertilizer is an organic based bio catalyst or Compost Tea with added Nitrogen for turf color. While we are treating we also spot treat weeds on the property. We recommend letting the spray dry completely before walking on it or letting pets on it. Once dry it is safe, like applying paint, when it’s dry, it is difficult to get off the blades of the plant. During this last treatment you received a grub control application also. We use a product called imidacloprid, an insecticide, which is pet safe and is used in most flea and tick medications for dogs/cats. The grub control also needs to be watered into the lawn which is why we try to treat around the time of a rain shower”

Hopefully, this explanation will help everyone know the Board is concerned about the dogs in the community and we will try when possible to provide a safe environment for them.

For those in the community without dogs, we really do appreciate the fact that those who do have dogs clean up after them and keep our community clean. We thank you for your effort.

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